Certification Foundation FFP

The Certification Foundation FFP (FCFFP) oversees the quality of the exams that financial planners must take to acquire and keep the FFP designation. The Board of FCFFP consists of five members or more. Both the Secretary and the Treasurer are board members of the Association as well.

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At FFP a number of committees is active to help achieve FFP’s goals. The committees prepare proposals for he board’s final approval after which the committees take it from there for execution. There are committees in the areas of Supervision, Council for Appeal, Learning Objectives, Exam Matters and Continuing Education.


The Board members of the Certification Foundation FFP are:
Chairman: Sjaak de Graaf
Treasurer: Arjen Schepen FFP/CFP®
Secretary: Andrea Middel FFP/CFP®
Board member: Luc Reiff FFP/CFP®, MFP
Board member: Wim Biemans FFP/CFP®