Association FFP

The FFP Association (VFFP) promotes the interests of its members. In particular, it is her ambition to raise awareness of the concept of financial planning amongst consumers and help FFP members to be considered the leading reliable and transparent advisors on financial life issues. She puts an effort into increasing the awarenss of financial planning in The Netherlands.
It is our ambition that consumers see and recognise an FFP member as the reliable and transparant partner or information and advice on financial life questions. The below-mentioned bodies of the Association focus on specific fields to achieve our aim.


The Member Council and the General Meeting of Members
Out of over 3,500 members fifteen have a seat in the Member Council. This Council represents the members by region, gender and position (as an independent or dependent financial planner). The Council meets three times per annum and discusses matters of policy with the Board. The Council appoints board members and approves the annual accounts as well as the annual budget. Members of the Council are appointed by the Annual General Meeting of Members.
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The Board of the Association FFP consists of six people. All board members have (had) an extensive career in financial services and carry financial planning within their hearts.. No board members will be paid fort heir services, althought there are exceptions, and all board members are g appointed by the Member Council.
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