About us

FFP (Federation of Financial Planners) is the professional organisation for financial planners. It oversees FFP quality mark, and, with effect from 1 January 2016, FFP CFP® quality mark. With approximately 3,500 members, FFP is the largest European organisation of financial planners. Financial planners who are certified are entitled to bear FFP and CFP® quality marks. Their distinctiveness lies in their integrity, quality, expertise and experience. A certified financial planner provides integrated advice regarding the individual’s financial future. The advice involves a summary of the current and future financial situation, taking all life events into account. The financial plan thus gives an overall picture of someone’s financial situation, options and possible future scenarios.


The FFP consists of a professional association and a foundation.
FFP Association (VFFP) promotes the interests of its members. In particular, it endeavours to raise awareness of the concept of financial planning. The ambition here is for consumers to recognise and acknowledge FFP members as the leading reliable and transparent contacts for information and advice on financial life issues.

FFP Certification Foundation (SCFFP) monitors the quality of the examinations that financial planners are required to take to obtain and retain the quality mark. A number of committees are actively involved in safeguarding the high level of quality: the Supervisory Committee, the Appeal Board, the Learning Objectives Committee, Examination Matters and Lifelong Learning.

FFP Certification Foundation is part of Financial Planning Boards Standard (FPSB). This means that FFP is part of an international network of more than 150,000 certified financial planners worldwide, spread over 24 countries.

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Certification Foundation FFP

The Certification Foundation FFP (FCFFP) oversees the quality of the FFP exams.

Association FFP

The FFP Association (VFFP) promotes the interests of its members.

Team FFP

The FFP Team consists of;